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In my practice on almost a daily basis one of my patients will ask me how the testing that I perform works.  So this blog will attempt to convey an explanation that will help!

First of all, what is the nature of this field?

The field is a manifestation of the same life-force energy that is part of the nervous system energy that is part of all of us (every human).  All of the functions that we experience each and every moment produce subtle electrical currents, some of which can be measured with technology, such as an electrocardiograph tracking the energy of the heart, for example.  Many basic functions that we take for granted, such as thoughts or digestion of our food take place on an automatic basis.  These involve the shuffling of charged electrical particles.  All of this activity contributes to the energy field surrounding the body.

It is a well-known fact that every electrical field is accompanied by an electromagnetic field that surrounds it and shadows its level of intensity.  A large, intense electromagnetic field (EMF) is emitted by high-voltage electrical lines, while wiring in the houses that we live in produces a small EMF.  Most of us have had the experience of driving in a car with the radio tuned in to the AM frequency.  The radio frequency is normal until it approaches high-voltage power lines overhead.  Suddenly, the nice clear radio signal becomes a wall of static because of the EMF that the power lines are giving off.

The nervous system, including the brain, the spinal cord and peripheral (outside of the central) nerves in your arms and legs, also gives off a surrounding field of EMF.  This energy field is acknowledged in  quantum physical (electrical) science as a “Torus Energy Pattern”.  This pattern can be seen in the universe as a primary configuration at all levels.  From the smallest atomic particles, to the cross section of an apple, the energy field of the human, the electromagnetic field of the earth, or the shape of the galaxy, the repetition of the “torus” (similar to the helical structure of DNA) leads us to the conclusion that it represents a basic arrangement in the “geometry of life”!

While each scale of matter (gravitational, Newtonian, and quantum) has different physical laws, the torus pattern is a constant within all levels of physics.  Scientific research has been attempting to unify the rules of physics for decades.  At least 15 different variations of “String theory” have been proposed during this quest.   It is our contention and belief that the human torus energy pattern  is the origin of the body’s “energy signature”.  Since the human body has a very dramatic energy, the “E” field will shift in both size and symmetry in the presence of other outside energy signatures.  How it shifts depends upon the compatibility of the other energies that come within the field’s influence.  The “E” will be attracted to some of the energies, yet be adversely affected by others.  Some outside energies make the field expand, while others will cause it to contract.

This phenomenon is witnessed on a regular basis in my office when performing nutritional testing utilizing this “E” field testing procedure that we call NRT (Nutritional Response Testing) or MFT (Morphogenic Field Testing).  So when the energy that is in one of the test vials that we introduce into the patient’s “E” (energy) field, there is a response of acceptance or rejection of that substance.  So the energy of toxic heavy metal, harmful chemical or genetically modified food, or a food that your body has a hard time with digesting, initiates a rapid contraction of the “E” field.  This is noted by a change in the muscle response and a contraction of the “E” field that surrounds your body.  The muscle response will weaken if what is in the test vial is harmful for the body and conversely it will strengthen if the test vial’s contents are beneficial to the body.

I hope this has helped to strengthen and expand your understanding about what goes on when you are being tested during a typical NRT/MFT visit at my office, and I promise that future blogs will not be this technical !