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Many of the protocols that we use in our nutritional practice utilize the activity of “protomorphogens”.  I have given some of you an explanation, but having it in print for you to contemplate instead of just “hearing it on the fly” during your visit, hopefully will be helpful to you.

Protomorphogens  are extracts of the nucleic acids from the nucleus (core) of the cell.  So if we are using a pituitary gland protomorphogen, we are using an extract in that supplement that is from the core material of the pituitary glandular substance.  Or to put it more technically it is the component of the cell chromosome that is responsible for that type of cell’s individual/unique characteristics.  So it is the smallest unit of the cell’s “blueprint” assembly. It is the smallest unit of the gene system that guides the cell into its hereditary form as it grows, develops or repairs itself…  It is also antigenic (has immune characteristics) and promotes the formation of antibodies, which in turn control the levels of extra cellular protomorphogen in blood and lymph.  The clinical effectiveness of taking a protomorphogen (from Standard Process) can be demonstrated clinically by doing a pre and post evaluation.  This has been seen to be true in studies using a endocardiograph before and after a supplement called Cardiotrophin PMG has been ingested (eaten)… so remarkable, because it (the change) can be seen in a matter of minutes!  It is hard to explain this reaction other than assuming that the excess heart tissue antibody in the circulating blood has been reduced by combination with the ingested heart PMG.  This is probably done without danger of stimulating the formation of more heart tissue antibody.  So when you are recommended a “PMG”, you are giving your body genuine replacement “parts” to help rebuild, repair and resist cellular and tissue degeneration….one of the truly wonderful aspects of “fixing” and “maintaining” our bodies…”one piece (cell) at a time”…all with not only all natural, but by design, functionally ready to go to work for your health as you take (swallow) that pill (with the funny label that reads…..__(fill in the blank)___PMG!

Sourced in part from APPLIED PROTOMORPHOLOGY by Royal Lee, DDS (founder and developer of the protomorphogen complexes unique to Standard Process supplements