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Facial Treatment

Teen acne Facial

Designed to refine and rebalance troubled skin by unclogging pores and removing dull surface skin. This treatment includes possible extractions, healing Vitamin C enzyme mask and oil free hydration. 45-60 min

Skindulgance Facial

This Facial indulges the skin with a thorough cleanse, facial steam and customized mask followed by a hand, arm, foot and facial massage ending with finishing products to seal the treatment.

Vitamin C Facial

An intensive repairing face mask specially created for mature/ environmentally damaged skin. Combines a highly bio-available form of Vitamin C with Papain and Bromelain enzymes to exfoliate and revitalize the skin. This facial includes a thorough cleansing of the skin, steam to loosen imperfections and prepare skin, application of Vitamin C mask followed by a hand and arm foot massage, lastly sealing the treatment with the proper finishing products.

Dermasound Ultrasonic Elite Facial

This three phase treatment begins with a gentle exfoliation releasing black heads and sloughing off dead skin cells using ultrasonic technology. Phase two is infusing important nutrients deeply into the layers of skin called sonophoresis. Lastly the third phase uses micro current to smooth and tighten tissue and facial muscles. The skin is thoroughly cleaned, infused and smoothed with this ultrasonic treatment.


Level One Peel

Level Two Peel

Signature Facelift

This luxurious four layer treatment is a combination of Vitamin C and gentle but highly active enzymes which helps to speed up cellular turnover and brighten, tighten and lighten the skin. The natural botanical ingredients help to calm and sooth even the most sensitive skin. This treatment will leave the skin glowing and well hydrated. A must for that special event 45 minutes

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