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Parkinson’s is a heartbreaking disease.  You would want to do anything you could to prevent getting it.  Yet for years, medical experts have been telling you that statin (cholesterol-lowering drugs) protect you from heart disease.  It is all part of a gigantic scam to sell statin drugs that offer little protection from anything, including heart attacks.

For years the drug companies and their willing dupes would trumpet one statin advance after another.  Statins prevent heart attacks. Statins prevent Parkinson’s.  Statins prevent certain cancers.   Statins help prevent breast cancer.  And on and on.  And it worked.. Physicians believed all this garbage and prescribed statins by the ton, making them on of the most profitable drugs ever produced by Big Pharma.

All kinds of journal and associations have been in on it for years.  A 2012 issue of the medical journal Archives of Neurology showed a modest Parkinson’s disease reduction with the use of statins.  And lots of other esteemed journals were trumpeting the wonders of statin drugs.  Yet real medical experts who looked at a separate meta-analysis (study of all the studies) published in the Journal of Neurology discovered a significant bias in journals reporting the protective effects of statins in Parkinson’s disease.  So they did their own study and presented it at the American Neurological Association meeting in 2016.  And lo and behold, this real, unbiased study showed that statin drugs….are you ready?….raise your risk of Parkinson’s!  This is one of very few studies that show this response–as almost everyone else was reporting the same biased findings.  As usual, follow the money.  Of course the Parkinson’s risk increase makes perfect sense because it has always been known that higher cholesterol readings have always been preventative against Parkinson’s.  Statins take that protection away!  By the way, if you are over age 70, the higher your cholesterol, the longer you will live!

Or consider the fact that statins lowering other compounds in your body like Coenzyme Q10…needed by all cells, may be responsible for the higher risk for Parkinson’s when taking these drugs.  And perhaps if statins, which are very effective at lowering cholesterol and LDL levels, did protect you from heart attacks, it might be worth rolling the dice, especially if you have heart disease.  But the truth remains, no matter what everyone says, that cholesterol has little to nothing to do with heart disease or heart attacks.

How else could half of all heart attacks happen in people with low to normal cholesterol.  And how could millions of people with high cholesterol and LDL cholesterol throughout their entire lives be spared heart disease and heart attacks.  So, we now can add one more problem associated with these drugs- a serious one indeed!

What should you take to protect your heart?

Some of the products that we use are:  Cardio Plus, Cataplex B, Min Tran, Ultra D 5000 (cod liver oil), Soybean Lecithin and Celtic Sea Salt.  It is best to be tested with our nutritional testing technique to see which ones you need and how much of each one your body tests for.